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40 Steps to Reverse Diabetes
40 Steps to Reverse Diabetes

40 Steps to Reverse Diabetes

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Diabetes means a life time punishment of not able to eat your favorite foods,, along with that comes the complications. Eating your favorite foods with guilt. Fearing always about the complications and fear of insulin injections. Social pressure & lifelong medications etc.

I have also thought the same way about Diabetes, Before I started learning and applying all secrets of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga to reverse my diabetes in 6 months.

After studying in depth about Diabetes, I have understood Diabetes awareness / Education plays an important role in reversing diabetes.

My 4 years of research on diabetes especially in the Indian context lead me to create a useful and actionable E-book to reverse diabetes

" 40 Steps to reverse Diabetes "

Few steps from the book. 13. Step#13-Chromium deficiency in Diabetics 14. Step #14- Glycemic index and Glycemic load. 15. STEP#15: Understanding Emotional vs physical hunger 16. STEP #16: Understanding the Root cause of diabetes 17. STEP #17: Understanding power of simple habits. 18. Step#18: How to know if I can quit blood sugar medication? 19. Step#19 : Vitamin deficiencies and blood sugar levels ! 20. Step#20 : Vitamin B12 & Diabetic neuropathy. 21. Step#21 : Relation between different minerals and Diabetes ! 22. Step #22 : What time should you wakeup & Why?

What will I get ?

  1. 40 steps to reverse Diabetes E-book.
  2. You will get the access to our private whatsapp group.
  3. Personal whatsapp and email support from me.
  4. Free access to Live webinar " Can I reverse my Diabetes "
  5. Copy of updated version of this E book. you will receive updated version

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